The abandoned “Giuseppe Antonini Psychiatry” 1

In 1960 the “Giuseppe Antonini psychiatric hospital” in Limbiate was a well-known health facility in Italy. Then, ten years ago, it got abandoned from one day to another. A huge area with a lot of buildings got totally useless. Nobody has touched it over years. Nowadays its an area with this kind of special atmosphere. When you walk through, always the some questions come into your mind: What did the patients feel inside these huge walls? What was their disease, what did they have to suffer? How did they see these rooms? Did they want to get out, did they want to get free?

Because of this huge amount of emotions i decided to split my visit into three different points of view. I will start to show you how i have seen the “Giuseppe Antonini psychiatric hospital” out of the architectural point of view:

the following views:
the abandoned “giuseppe antonini psychiatry” – narcotic
theabandoned*giuseppe antoninipsychiatry _artistc

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