How influences a sitting person the chair?
Normally first he grabs the rest, then he pulls the chair in the ideal position and sits down.

What happens after the moment of touching?
He starts the haptic experience of the shape and the search of the most ergonomic seating position.

Has the chair election aftereffects?
He leaves memories in others brains and challenges the constructive elements of the seating object.In the worst case he leaves mechanical marks.

What gets the number 214 from the sitting person?
He, who takes seat enriches the chair with individual values and emotions. Emotions will get connected with the chair, the high point of use is reached.

What are the individual values?
In the case, someone sits down on a chair, his grandfather has bought, on which his grandmother has told him children stories, how much is this chair worth for this person?
He connects with this chair memories and emotions. For him the function of sitting gets secondary and in the same moment the sitting object becomes for him even more valuable.

„Take seat and live emotions, you enrich your seating accommodation“

A project done for http://www.thonet.de/en/photo-contest-information.html

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