fold + outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture for gastronomy
david aldrian | emanuel gollob

Our aim was to develop a piece of furniture which satisfies the functional requirements of gastronomy and could be produced out of local wood. It should consist of a desk with suitable seats and be foldable for storage.

The footconstructìon is asymmetrical designed to enable the foldability even to the smallest table size. Because of that reason one food per side is moved inside. With the 97° angle we improved the diagonal stiffness and created an exciting contrast to the right-angled construction.


Table and bench can be folded with 4 handgrips per side, in the closed state the feet are fixed with the rotating wood blocks.


Table and bench are made out of thermical modified ash wood. Through the thermical treatment some particular components of the wood cell structure get destroyed and the water absorption decreases and effects a high level weather resistance.



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