Cafe Prueckel Stool




Cafe Prueckel Stool

In the beginning of the design process we intentionally started looking for a type of trash that is usually not collected nor recycled. We’ve considered trash in the powder form as the most seldom recycled one since we didn’t really find many or any collection points where this kind of trash would be collected, sorted and recycled.

Since we both live and study in Vienna –the city that is known for it‘s numerous cafes – we quickly came across an interesting piece of information. The numbers are quite shocking: for example the famous Cafe Prueckel throws away 12 to15 kg of coffee grounds daily. Multiplied with the number of cafes and bars in Vienna the amount rises of to a couple of tons. Considering the problem tour main goal was to transform this powdered coffee grounds to a solid material (product).

A powder always needs a binder to become a solid material. Here came the “Wiener Zucker” Fabric in play who supplied us with sugar. After numerous tests and experiments (over 30) we came to the perfect mixture that is solid, firm and waterproof. The mixture only contains coffee grounds, sugar fibres and a small percentage of rainwater that burns out during the thermal treatment.

Out of this material we‘ve casted a seating shell for a stool which we‘ve decided to produce because of it‘s communicative value as a statement piece. Out of this material may be casted anything.

The wood stool base is made out of used wooden shovel handles collected at the flea market and the road maintenance service.

Featured at Newgen Design Exhibition @Beijing Design Week 2013

Emanuel Gollob & David Tavcar, Vienna 2013 /

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