Smartphone Video Instruments

In an age of digital self representation an increasing number of physical objects serve as instruments to create digital ones. There are theories that the message of digital images is mostly generated through their relation to the context they are published and viewed in. Let’s exaggerate these theories. If the message is mainly created by relation, we could use instruments to create abstract images in an abstract context as well.


3_MovieSnapshot - HumanRepresentedBySmartphoneVideo

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 17.24.06







Scarry, Elaine (1985): The body in pain. New York: Oxford University Press.

Miller, Daniel (2008): The comfort of things. Cambridge: Polity.

Miller, Daniel (2015) Keynote: Photography in the age of snapchat. Vienna Anthropology Days, 23.04.2015, Vienna

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